We are exploring the ways to decouple sustainable economic growth from using our diminishing resources.
Instytut Gospodarki o Obiegu Zamkniętym (The Circular Economy Institute) is a professional think tank prepared to address the problems arising with the implementation of Circular Economy (CE) principles in national economy, as well as to conduct talks and negotiations with decision‐makers. The Institute is based on a cooperation between the NGOs, activists, academics and practitioners, both from Poland and other European countries.
Let’s decide together on our share in 600 billion EUR and 2 million new jobs to be created in the EU countries.
Ambitious Circular Economy targets set by the European Commission and the European Parliament are intended to deliver the EU countries more than EUR 600 billion savings in business sector and create over 2 million new jobs by 2030. The sooner Poland achieves these targets, the greater will be the benefits enjoyed by all Poles, both at a national and a regional level. On the one hand, the transition from the linear economy to the circular model is revolutionary, but on the other hand it is a necessity in the face of geopolitical uncertainty, dwindling sources of raw material and the need of reducing environmental impacts. As a professional think tank Instytut Gospodarki o Obiegu Zamkniętym (IGOZ) offers support to all stakeholders wishing to reach the goals in a sensible, economically viable, yet environmentally sound manner.

The IGOZ team includes Polish and international specialists who have been involved in the development of the Circular Economy concept since its inception in 2014 and are now influencing its shape as formed by the European Parliament. IGOZ brings together individuals and entities experienced in integrating CE principles into the activity of local governments and businesses (e.g. Green Management Group S. z o.o), who have extensive knowledge of the best practices for CE (e.g. the representatives of Zero Waste Europe, the European Environmental Bureau, the European Compost Network, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Zero Waste Poland, Polish Biorecycling Association, or Ekoefektywność). In order to fulfil its mission of implementing the Circular Economy in Poland, IGOZ has established cooperation with academics, NGOs and activists.

Whether you are interested in the concept of a Circular Economy or you have been assigned a task related to the CE, we invite you to learn more about the Circular Economy Institute.

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IGOZ Coordinator
Tomasz Wojciechowski
e-mail: igoz@oigo.pl